Money Smart

Shane O'Connor from MoneySmart  presented to the LVCRTN on 11th March.
Those CRTs that attended received two workshops totalling 3 hours of certified professional development. Each of us received a USB with all the Primary-based material on board. Units of work up to Year 10 were studied and suggestions made to improve these for CRT use.

Financial literacy and numeracy is a greater need than ever before with access to easy money via credit. "Credit" really means using money you don't have. Saving and using money wisely for our needs is something that we all need to do to survive. But credit makes you think you can have it all now without ever needing to take responsibility for the cost of the things you buy (that you want, but may not need.)
Starting in Prep and moving on through to Year 10, there are many units developed under the Australian Community and Investment Service (ASIC) plan which was an initiative of the Gillard government a that continues to be supported by the Abbot government.
There will be a CRT Manual developed by the end of this year which will help CRTs to teach the programs in schools in which they are employed.
But for now... 
You can access the lesson plans and promote the principle
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