PODCASTS: A message from Amy Cotton from TLN's CRT PD

Here’s some ways to access podcasts. These aren’t the only ways, but they’re a few of the most popular ways:

  • Iphone or ipad – download the ‘Podcasts’ app. It’s free, and most iphones and ipads come set up with it already. When you’re in the app, click ‘search’ at the bottom right and look for the podcast by title.
  • Android phones – there are so many different apps to choose from. I don’t endorse or recommend any of them in particular, but here’s a list:
    • Stitcher Radio (free)
    • Podcast and Radio Addict (free)
    • Soundcloud (free)
    • Google Play Music (free, with add-in you can buy)
    • Pocket Casts (not free)
    • Overcast (free with ads, you can pay a yearly fee to use without adverts)

Teacher Learning Network has two different podcasts at the moment:
  • TLN Podcasts – this is a theme based education podcast released regularly with new themes each week.
  • Educationally Sound – this is a teacher focussed podcast highlighting local practice and events (LTVCRTNetwork will be on this one!)

In the future we will be adding a new podcast called Rated E for Educational, where we review movies that feature teachers. That one is a bit more comedy based, but we still discuss perceptions of teachers and pedagogical strategy, so fine to use as PD.

I’d recommend listening to a podcast when out for a walk, driving or cleaning (that’s when I listen!). At the end of the episode, write down how many minutes it was and find a Teaching Standard to match what you felt you learned. Include that in your log for VIT registration requirements.

Podcasts are free and there are so many great podcasts out there (even those not made by TLN, such as Radio Lab or TED talks). Many can be used as professional development either towards content, understanding students or pedagogical strategy. I seen some schools have ‘Podcast of the month’ for internal staff PD instead of professional readings. They nominate an episode and a month later get together to discuss what they heard and how they would use it in practice. Then together they decide on the Standard(s) it addressed and write their reflections together. That might be something LTVCRTN could build in to regular meetings, like a book club but audio!

I hope the above is helpful. Let me know if I’ve been unclear, but hoping that this is yet another thing that enriches your professional lives.



Amy Cotton
Project Officer
Teacher Learning Network

03 9418 4994